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Psychedelic Art

Psychedelia is known for its saturated and contrasting colors, distorted and illegible fonts, kaleidoscope-like patterns, and surreal visuals.
Psychedelic art was supposed to imitate hallucinations, or the feeling of being hypnotized or in a trance.
Some other common features include flowers, spirals, peace symbols, eyes, and people.
The term Psychedelia came from the Greek words "psyche" (mind) and "delos" (make visible), which means that Psychedelia translates to "mind-manifesting."

Psychedelic art began in the mid-1960s and drew inspiration from hallucinations of psychedelic drugs like LSD.
A lot of psychedelic artists were also inspired by Art Nouveau, Surrealism, and Pop-Art.
Wes Wilson was one of the biggest designers during the psychedelic era, who was very motivated by art nouveau.
Stanley Mouse and Alton Kelley, better known as Mouse and Kelley, created posters for psychedelic rock bands. Victor Moscoso and Rick Griffin also designed posters.

Psychedelia has had a grand influence on art and graphic design modern day.
For example, it inspired cyberdelic art, a subgenre of psychedelic art based on fractal objects.
It also influenced algorithmic art, where art is created using mathematical algorithms.